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Let's get Britain's future back, together

Britain has extraordinary potential. We are a great country with ambitious, hard working people. But the Conservative government is holding us back.

They’ve broken the economy and working people are paying the price. Food bills have soared, mortgage rates are out of reach for too many, and wages aren’t keeping up.

After more than a decade of an increasingly divided and weak Conservative government, Britain is falling behind as other countries succeed. We are failing to take advantage of new opportunities, and we are worse off for it.

Britain deserves better than this.

Labour has a long-term plan to give Britain back its future. Not short-term sticking plaster solutions, but a mission-driven government that will improve the lives of working people.

Labour’s five missions for government will tackle the major issues this country faces, and put Britain back on the right path.

We will get Britain building again, switch on Great British Energy, get the NHS back on its feet, take back our streets and break down barriers to opportunity.

Let’s get Britain’s future back, together.

Keir Starmer MP

Leader of the Labour Party

We need your help to get Britain's future back.