Why I'm Standing

I’ve spent my life fighting injustice and standing up to the powerful.

I’m now standing to be leader of our Labour Party because I’m determined to unite our movement, take on the Tories and build a better future.

Labour only wins when we’re united and when we have a radical vision of the future that people can trust.

If I’m elected leader, I’ll bring the movement together and I’ll retain the radicalism of the last four years.

I am supporting Keir for Leader because he has always stood up for what is right.

Keir took the government to court over its decision to deny welfare benefits to asylum seekers, he prioritised changing prosecution guidelines on violence against women and girls and he was instrumental in getting justice for Stephen.

Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer MP on visit to Manchester and Oldham.

Doreen Lawrence

We are an anti-austerity party. We believe in common ownership. We want a fairer and more peaceful world. We have led the way on climate change and the need for a Green New Deal.

These are the pillars on which we must build.

We must argue for a fairer tax system, for social security to be based on support and dignity and for a migration system that is welcoming and compassionate. We must be a force for economic justice, social justice and international justice.

And if we’re to beat the Tories, we need to work together.

We need to work much more closely with our fantastic Labour councillors, mayors and with Welsh and Scottish Labour.

We need to be an effective Opposition in Parliament and able to win the argument in the country.

Sarah Sackman

Sarah Sackman

I have seen first hand Keir's leadership - from grassroots campaigning across the country to working hard as a local constituency MP, tackling the technical arguments to championing radical ideas. He is the leader Labour needs to hold the Tories to account and lead us back to power.

<> at Odeon Leicester Square on March 23, 2011 in London, England.

Konnie Huq

Keir has fought for justice all of his life. He'll be able to win back communities across the UK that will only ever benefit from a Labour Government. I really believe he'll effectively fight against poverty and inequality and fight for a better future whilst holding the Tories to account.

We need to be more open, more welcoming and more inclusive.

We’ve lost four elections – we can’t lose again.

If all parts of the labour and trade union movement come together, we can achieve anything.

Another future is possible.


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Another future is possible. Together, we can – and we will – win.